Tender details

1- General Information
Subject-matter of the contract:Suministro de una embarcación rápida tipo zodiac destinada al SOCIB
Type of Contract:Suministro
Awarding procedure:Abierto
Tender time limit:21-01-2011
2- Publication dates
Publication DOUE:01-12-2010 Complementary information:
Publication in BOE:03-01-2011
3- Documentation
Administrative Terms and Conditions:
Technical Specifications:
Table summary of the contract:
4- Contact e-mail address
5- Evaluation committee
Appointments:Advise committee:
6- Opening bids
Opening bids:

Apertura pública sobre 2 el 24/01/2011 (13:00h)
Apertura pública sobre 3 el 01/02/2011 (11:45h)

7- Definitive awarding