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The sea surface temperature images show satellite measured data using spectroradiometric techniques. These measurements are complemented with local readings from oceanographic buoys.

Satellite product
The sea surface temperature is a L3S multi-sensor product generated by Meteo-France and distributed by MyOcean, consistent on a daily gridded dataset with a resolution of 0.02 degrees over the Western Europe region. It is built from bias-corrected L3 mono-sensor (collated) products at the resolution 0.02 degrees. If the native collated resolution is higher than 0.02 degrees, the change (degradation) of resolution is done by averaging the best quality data. Otherwise, the collated data are associated to the nearest neighbour without interpolation nor artificial increase of the resolution.

Oceanographic buoys
The data from oceanographic buoys (represented by target symbols in the map) is provided byPuertos del Estadoand Meteofrance as time series of temperature readings, from which the temperature corresponding to the satellite time is interpolated and represented in a label beside the target symbol.

MyOcean Catalogue entry
MyOcean SST Product User Manual