SOCIB takes a step-forward in the operational validation of WMOP versus multi-platform observations

SOCIB takes a step-forward in the near real-time WMOP model validation versus multi-platform observations.
New comparisons of the high-resolution regional ocean model WMOP (Western Mediterranean sea OPerational system) are incorporated in the SOCIB website in the following sections:

  • Glider temperature and salinity sections in the Ibiza Channel
  • Daily HF radar surface current maps 

Updates include:

  • Potential temperature and salinity assessment by comparing the WMOP outputs versus the SOCIB glider data in the Ibiza Channel in near real-time for the last available transect as well as in delayed-time for all transects of the last mission once finished and available.
  • Daily averaged surface current assessment of the model versus HF radar data from Puertos del Estado stations operated in the Strait of Gibraltar and Ebro Delta region.

Updates of the systematic validation can be visualized in the following link:

SOCIB is very grateful to Puertos del Estado for the data from their HF radar network as well as their support and collaboration.