SOCIB has held the 2018 Steering Committee meeting with SASEMAR

Last week, SOCIB has held the first Steering Committee Meeting with Spanish Maritime Safety Agency (SASEMAR) to evaluate the work carried out within the framework of their collaboration agreement.
Three representatives from SASEMAR visited SOCIB to attend the meeting. In addition to the responsible of all SOCIB's facilities, staff from IMEDEA (UIB-CSIC) participated also in the event.

Issues addressed:

  • The monitoring of the Agreement and Addendum implementation
  • The sustainability and expansion of the collaboration.
  • The evaluation of the 2017 annual and 2018 first quarter results and tasks progress.
  • The schedule of the 2018 roadmap (goals and objectives, timeline, milestones).
  • The continuation of the collaboration.
  • The establishment of the exchange information channels (data, tools, training...)

SOCIB thanks the representatives of SASEMAR for their active participation and inputs and their deeply involvement.

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