SOCIB present at IMDIS 2018

SOCIB has participated in the International Conference on Marine Data and Information Systems (IMDIS) held in Barcelona, 5-7 November 2018.

The IMDIS cycle of conferences aims to provide an overview of the existing information systems to serve different users in ocean science. It also shows the progresses on development of efficient infrastructures for managing large and diverse data sets, standards, interoperable information systems, services and tools for education. The conference was organized by CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain), jointly with IFREMER, OGS and IOC/IODE, in the frame of the SeaDataCloud project (EU H2020 - Grant Agreement 730960).

Presentations from SOCIB included the new API for data access, the App Android SocorristaIB and the IBISAR service. Moreover, SOCIB has actively contributed to different areas of Quality Management System, Ocean Best Practices de la IODE and the European HF radar node.

The conference brought together 187 participants from 34 countries. Amongst the 26 participants from Spain, 20% were from SOCIB (List of presentations and posters)

The International Scientific Committee has reviewed all submitted abstracts. The basis for acceptance of abstracts was the relevance to the conference topics and scientific quality. The IMDIS 2018 proceedings have been published by OGS in Bollettino di Geofisica, Vol.59 - Supplement, 2018, 366 pages.

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  • Juan Gabriel Fernández et al. New SOCIB Data Catalog REST API. 5 Nov 2018. Session 1- Data services and tools in ocean science. Oral presentation (PDF / Video) - Abstract (PDF)
  • Cristian Muñoz et al. Leveraging FAIR principles to enhance SOCIB corporative Data Management Strategy. 6 Nov 2018. Session 2: Technical developments for marine information and data management. Oral presentation (PDF / Video) - Abstract (PDF)
  • Xisco Notario et al. The data life cycle management at SOCIB: responding to science and societal needs. 6 Nov 2018. Session 3: Marine environmental infrastructures for observation data (data management and access). Poster (PDF) - Abstract (PDF)
  • Lorenzo Corgnati et al. Building strong foundations towards the pan-European High Frequency Radar network. 6 Nov 2018. Session 3: Marine Environmental infraestructures for observation data. Poster (PDF) - Abstract (PDF)
  • Peter Pissierssens et al. OceanBestPractices System: a global resource to facilitate harmonizing practices in ocean observation, data and information. 7 Nov 2018. Session 4: Data products, information and knowledge. Oral presentation (PDF / Video) - Abstract (PDF)
  • Emma Reyes et al. IBISAR: Skill Assessment service for real-time ranking of met-ocean data products in the IBI area for emergency and SAR operators. 7 Nov 2018. Session 4: Data products, information and knowledge. Oral presentation (PDF / Video) - Abstract (PDF)
  • Paz Rotllán et al. SOCIB and Balearic Islands Lifeguards: An example of data products and services that provide direct social benefits. 7 Nov 2018. Session 4: Data products, information and knowledge. Oral presentation (PDF / Video) - Abstract (PDF)