Classification tasks according to Environmental Sensitivity of Balearic Islands coasts began under the agreement, dated August 9, 2004, between the Government of Balearic Islands (Ministry of Internal Affairs. Emergency Department) and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) entitled:  “Elaboració d’estudis i aplicacions encaminades a augmentar el coneixement dels corrents marins i les onades per minimitzar els seus riscos sobre les persones, els bens i el medi ambient” (“Development of studies and applications designed to increase the knowledge of ocean currents and waves to minimize their risks on people, property and the environment”). The determination of environmental sensitivity of Balearic coasts was made by the Interdisciplinary Oceanography Group of IMEDEA (Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies, CSIC-UIB), later renamed TMOOS (Department of Marine Technologies Operational Oceanography and Sustainability).
Since 2011 the characterization of the environmental sensitivity of the shoreline has been continued and updated from the SIAS Division (Division of Sustainability Science and Integrated Coastal and Marine (GIZCM)) of SOCIB. SIAS Division has conducted a methodological review , a field survey in the pilot study area of the Bay of Palma (Mallorca) and organization, coordination and continuous revision of existing information to create new products (on-line, i.e. Web Map Service SACOSTA) to facilitate information queries and decision making.