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Station Andratx

Sea Level

Station image

Station location

Position: Lat: 39º32.65140' | Lon: 2º22.70766'

Station variables

Air pressure

1024.69 hPa
Atmosphere Dynamics

Sea water temperature

25.59 °C

Sea level

-0.0789 m

Station info

The main objective of the Andratx Station is to provide measures of sea level. To make this measurement, the station is equipped with a water pressure gauge and an atmospheric pressure sensor. It is necessary the combination of these two data for, through using the hydrostatic equation, calculate the height of the water column above the water pressure sensor. Referencing the position of the sensor relative to the geoid it is possible obtained an absolute measurement of the sea level.
SOCIB manages this station since 2010. Previously the tide gauge was installed by the department TMOOS of IMEDEA.
The station has the support of the Laboratorio de Investigaciones Marinas y Acuicultura (LIMIA)

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Station Andratx