SOCIB presents its virtual access capacity at the JERICO-DAYS 2022, a meeting to promote synergies in coastal observation

From 28 to 30 June, the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) took part in the JERICO-DAYS 2022, celebrated at the Hydrographic Institute, Lisbon, by demonstrating the JERICO-CORE. This is a unified central hub of the JERICO Research Infraestrucrure (JERICO-RI) to discover, access, manage and interact with JERICO-RI resources including services, datasets, software, best practices, manuals, publications, organisations, projects, observatories, equipment, data servers, e-libraries, support, and training. Together with the other members of the JERICO-RI consortium, SOCIB actively engaged in this 3-day event covering a variety of critical topics related to the JERICO-RI and the JERICO-S3 and JERICO-DS projects, as both the virtual access and JERICO-CORE technical design and data integration strategy leader, and the Spanish national representative in the frame of the ESFRI roadmap.

During the meeting, scientists and experts exchanged knowledge and ideas, with the aim of collectively agreeing on motions to move forward in terms of outreach, transverse actions and strategy, thematic discussions with regions, and other RIs, access and services, and technology. Key speakers involved in the project presented their perspectives and progress of various work packages and actions. Miguel Charcos, software engineer at SOCIB, held a session demonstrating the JERICO-CORE and its lessons learned. During his presentation, Charcos informed the partners about the status of the development, and the main plans for the following months including the expected launch of this unified central hub of JERICO-RI before the end of 2022.

SOCIB presents its virtual access capacity at the JERICO-DAYS 2022, a meeting to promote synergies in coastal observation

Miguel Charcos, software engineer at SOCIB, during his demonstration of the JERICO-CORE.

In particular, JERICO-CORE aims to improve coastal data and information FAIRness by facilitating the development of services to support specialised thematic research activities and building synergies for coastal ocean resources and services between JERICO-RI and other international research data infrastructures. This approach is closely akin to SOCIB’s work in virtual access over the past three years that has involved cataloging all its resources with the aim of facilitating the uptake of science and ocean knowledge for policy, decision making, management, and innovation. “Providing a coastal oceanography search engine also allows data traceability, ensuring our data is completely traceable across the entire landscape,” explains Charcos. Indeed, “SOCIB's work in ocean best practices and open data has recently being recognised with the CoreTrustSeal Certification for Data Repositories, guaranteeing the management of research data in line with FAIR Principles and Horizon Europe Open Science requirements.”

Overall, the JERICO-DAYS 2022 engaged all consortium members in exploring new co-innovation pathways and strengthened its roadmap, therefore consolidating and promoting synergies in coastal observation.