These daily costs have been established in line with the criteria for estimating the operating costs of the vessels in the MINECO oceanographic fleet, according to the criteria that, at national level, were discussed in the meetings of the "Daily Costs" Working Group of the FLOTPOL. Likewise, these criteria coincide, at international level, with those applied in different European countries after their analysis according to the "European Research Vessels Operators Group" (ERVO).

These daily costs exclusively cover the operating costs of the vessel, so in anycase is there a profit in its operation.

Application of daily costs for competitive research projects (University/European national research centres):

costs updated on July 20th, 2022.

  • Navigation up to 8 hours with 3 crew 3,750 €/day.
  • Navigation from 9 to 24 hours with 6-9 crew 7,500 €/day.
  • "Standby" day (mob/demob) without navigation (>3 crew members) 3,750 €/day.
  1. These daily costs includes a speed regime never exceeding 12 knots.
  2. In campaigns from 9 to 24 hours an additional day of mobilization / demobilization in port will be included.
  3. Navigations from 9 to 24 hours include meals.
  4. For departures of up to 8 hours with 4-5 crew members, the daily rate of 9-24 hours will be applied.
  5. Prices VAT not included.

The base port of the SOCIB RV is the Port of Palma de Mallorca, the campaigns start once the ship leaves the base port and end once it moors in the base port, in this way the transits are part of the campaigns.

The transits for the development of oceanographic campaigns may have a cost that will vary from 50 to 100% of the daily of the campaign.

For external users or private initiatives, a 20% increase will be applied. The costs will be 10,000€ / day for days from 9 to 24 hours, 5,000€ / day for departures of up to 8 hours and 5,000€ / day for standby (>3 crew members). Prices VAT not included.