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In this space you can consult data related to European funds in Spain in the current programming period that includes the years between 2014 and 2020. More specifically, you will obtain information regarding programming, management and monitoring, evaluation and communication and links of interest.



The Operative Program of the Regional Development Fund (FEDER) of the Balearic Islands 2014-2020 has defined a strategy of intervention that is pursuing the following objectives:

  • Thematic Objective 1: to promote excellence in research, technological development and innovation.

  • Thematic Objective 2: to optimise the use and quality of CIT and the access to them

  • Thematic Objective 3: to enhance competitivity of small and medium enterprises

  • Thematic Objective 4: to facilitate the change to a low carbon economy in all sectors

  • Thematic Objective 6: to protect the environment and to promote the sustainable explotation of resources.

  • Thematic Objective 10: to invest in education, professional education to meet the capacbilities needed, and permanent education

Management and monitoring

SOCIB contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the OP FEDER by promoting the following actions, all framed within the Thematic Objective 1: Promote research, technological development and innovation (Specific Objective 1.1.2: Strengthening R&D institutions and creation, consolidation and improvement of scientific and technological infrastructures): The Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) has acquired scientific equipment worth 946,425 € to carry out its scientific and technical function. Specifically, SOCIB has acquired a lowered CTD instrument, a set of auxiliary sensors, 18 oceanographic bottles, as well as 4 Autonomous Robotic Oceanographic Sampling Platforms (GLIDER).

This investment has been co-financed 50% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union in the framework of the Operational Program 2014-2020 of the Balearic Islands.

The research oceanographic vessel of SOCIB is equipped with thermosalinometers, which are used to monitor the temperature and salinity of the waters through which they sail. For example, from the data obtained, we can monitor how salinity varies spacially and temporally. But salinity not only changes in the horizontal, it also varies vertically; according to the depth in the water column. An instrument called a CTD is used to determine the temperature and salinity of the water column vertically. To take water samples at different depths, we use several Niskin bottles placed in what is called an oceanographic rosette, this form the core of a frame for the CTD instrument. The Niskin water botttles are lowered with the CTD frame, in their open state into the ocean. The bottles are closed at the desired depth by an electro-magnetic closing mechanism such that a sample of water at a particular depth is captured.

The ocean GLIDER is an autonomous underwater instrument platform that allows the observation of essential oceanographic variables, including a CTD, both for the advancement of marine research and to answer the questions posed by society in relation to climate change, the role and management of the sustainable development of oceans, water quality and ocean prediction. It is a system that gathers a wealth of data at a relatively low cost, due to its autonomous nature. With these instruments it is possible to carry out operational ocenographic data gathering missions up to 1,000 meters deep.

More details:

  • Contract for the supply of a CTD probe equipped with auxilliary sensors and an oceanographic bottle rosette system (exp.C1/2019)

    • Crontract processing status: completed
    • Award price: 760,000.00 € (VAT excluded). 50% co-financed with ERDF funds.
    • Link to the purchased platform here.
  • Contract for the supply and installation of autonomous robotic platforms (Gliders) for oceanographic sampling (exp.C2/2019) 
    • Crontract processing status: completed
    • Award price: 186,424.70 € (VAT included). 50% co-financed with ERDF funds.
    • Link to the purchased platform here.


The Cohesion policy of the 2014-2020 period is oriented to the promotion of results, with the objective to contribute in a visible manner to the objectives of the European Strategy 2020. Balearic Islands have a Specific Evaluation Plan of the OP FEDER that pursues optimisation of the efficiency and impact of the program, and also its contribution to the objectives of the European Union.

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The reinforcement of communication is a major condition to enhance the visibility of the Cohesion Policy and its application in the Balearic Islands, highlighting the good practices in the co-financed actions.

Link to the web page of the European Regional Funds here.