General description

The procedure for competitive access to the R/V SOCIB time is the same as for all R/V that are managed by the Spanish Commission responsible for coordination of R/V activities (COCSABO, Comisión de Coordinación y Seguimiento de las Actividades de los Buques Oceanográficos) where it has been included since 2013. COCSABO coordinates all the scientific and technical activities carried out by the Spanish oceanographic research vessels (those belonging to IEO and CSIC, and also the BIO Hesperides), including the scheduling and calendar of each vessel.

In order to apply for competitive ship time on board R/V SOCIB the formal procedure includes an application form (proposal template Annex) that is evaluated by the COCSABO. More detailed information, including prices, forms and availability can be found at COCSABO website. 

As explained in Procedimiento del Grupo de Trabajo de Calendarios, to apply for an oceanographic campaign from the Spanish research fleet, an application has to be filled usually through projects of the Spanish National R+D Plan. Once a Project is approved, the National Plan sends to the COCSABO a list of the projects to be financed that include ship time for a certain R/V. COCSABO creates a final annual schedule for each of one the R/Vs. This information is circulated through the National Plan for Research and accordingly external users that have applied through the National Plan will be informed. 

In line with the indications provided in the same site, universities, public research institutions, and/or commercial organizations can apply for direct non-competitive access to the R/V SOCIB, then contacting directly the Office of the Director of SOCIB. 


2022 calls

SEA-Call “REGIONAL" within the EUROFLEETS+ european program has been opened. 16 Ships and several AUVs, ROVs and a "satellite telepresence unit" are available to the scientific community, through the presentation of a research project that meets the eligibility criteria of the call. After the evaluation of EUROFLEETS+, the research team will have access to these infrastructures to carry out their scientific or technological development projects within the field of marine sciences.
For the first time, RV SOCIB is one of these platforms available in this call offering 7 cruise days.


  • SEA-Call "REGIONAL" documents, including instructions and templates: link 



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