The following links, which are updated periodically and contingent upon availability of data and standardized methodologies, provide access to the technical worksheets (i.e. where to access the data and standardized calculation methods), excel spreadsheets (i.e. raw data), and selected graphical examples for the indicators included in the Menorca Pilot study (note: documents are in Spanish). 
Last update December 2011
Indicator 03. Area of land and sea protected by statutory designations
Indicator 15. Unemployment

Indicator 19. Occupation of tourism accommodation supply

Indicator 20. Evolution of tourism demand

Indicator 23. Quality of tourism supply

Indicator 29. Consumption of electricity

Indicator 34. Resident population

Indicator 36. Immigration

Indicator 37. Construction of homes

Indicator 40. Number of moorings

Indicator 41. Existence and use of roads and social infraestructure

Indicator 52. Quality of beaches