IBISAR service is now available!

We are happy to inform that the IBISAR service is now available! This service allows to visualize, compare and evaluate the performance of ocean current predictions in the Iberian-Biscay-Irish (IBI) regional seas. It is a science-based decision-making tool for Search & Rescue (SAR) operators and emergency responders. 

The service contains: 

  • An updated database with ocean models and observations.

  • A data viewer with functionalities including data comparison.

  • A Skill Assessment tool which evaluates the model performance.

IBISAR is accessible from the dedicated webpage www.ibisar.es under free registration. Watch the short video tutorial to find out how easy it is to use!

Want to know more about the service? Watch the training-tutorial webinar given by Adèle Révelard at SASEMAR-Jovellanos headquarters. This webinar provides training about the usage of the service, its methodology, and the correct interpretation of the outcomes.



The ending of a project, the beginning of a service


IBISAR service is the result of a project that started on May 2018 with the main aim to improve, validate and promote a prototype of Skill Assessment downstream service. This has been done by:

  • Integrating new datasets into the IBISAR catalog: 9 ocean models (4 CMEMS models, 2 regional models and 3 coastal models), 6 HF Radar datasets, and all drifters available in CMEMS have been integrated.

  • Validating the Skill Assessment methodology envisaged by the IBISAR service, using 144 drifters over 4 pilot areas: 22 in the Balearic Sea; 5 in the Bay of Biscay; 114 in the Alboran Sea and 3 in the Galicia coast.

  • Promoting the IBISAR service through a bilingual web page and bilingual leaflets, 11 conferences, 2 books, 2 videos, 2 webinars and 50 tweets.  

The IBISAR project has been coordinated by SOCIB and funded by Mercator Océan in the context of the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) User Uptake programme. The project involved institutions from the public and private sectors: a Marine Research Infrastructure and data provider (SOCIB, Spain), a technological centre (AZTI, Spain) and a downstream service provider (RPS Ocean Science, USA). Furthermore, SASEMAR (Spanish SAR Agency) and Puertos del Estado (Spanish Port System) collaborated as the main targeted user and as a key actor in the IBI region, respectively. This service has been generated using E.U. Copernicus Marine Service Information.

IBISAR team would like to thank all external contributing experts from several EU and non-EU institutions and particularly the target users for their valuable feedback, their involvement in several promotional activities and their availability along the project. Their commitment has been our first motivation! 


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