3rd Steering Committee meeting between SOCIB-SASEMAR

The third Steering Committee Meeting between SOCIB and the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency - SASEMAR- took place last week (2nd April) via videoconference, involving a broad participation of personnel from the two institutions and aiming to assess the results achieved in 2019 and to widen the contributions and suggestions to the annual implementation plan 2020-2021.

The following topics were addressed:

  • Mean milestones of the year 2019 and future challenges of the institutional collaboration 2020-2021.
  • IBISAR service evolution and validation since its activation.
  • Advances in the WMOP forecasting system and its validation.
  • Use of Lagrangian platforms in support to SAR (Search And Rescue).
  • Advances from the drifter’s data base from SASEMAR.
  • Advances of the GISMAR viewer and future improvements.
  • Analysis of SAR real events from the Balearic Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre.

Finally, several issues (as listed in the attached presentation) were discussed during the round table, from which we conclude and agree on the need and willingness to strengthen our partnership and to continue our collaboration in the:

  • Integration of new SOCIB’s data (i.e. drifters) into the EDS from SASEMAR.
  • Regular reporting of SOCIB’s data usage metrics from SASEMAR. During Q1-2020, the SASEMAR EDS (R&D) has reported 1251 downloads for WMOP (peak periods during SAR incidences in the area) and 69 for the HFR of the Ibiza Channel.
  • Integration of metadata in the drifter’s data base from SASEMAR.
  • Implementation of new functionalities in the SASEMAR’s GISMAR viewer.
  • Carrying out joint Lagrangian exercises.
  • Participation in SASEMAR’s training activities: HF radar and Argonautica project (in collaboration with CNES)
  • Dissemination of the collaboration in conferences, publications and news.

Membership of the Steering Committee would like to thank the active involvement and participation of all attendants to the event, as well as their day-to-day commitment with this collaboration.

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