SOCIB joins the World Ocean Day

SOCIB joins the World Ocean Day, under the theme for 2020: "Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.

We will actively participate at the First Virtual Ocean Literacy Summit, hosted by UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, in partnership with Ocean Wise, EuroGOOS and Experiential Atelier. This exclusive edition will celebrate the successes of the Ocean Literacy community worldwide and explore them as an essential tool for the transformation of scientific knowledge into action. As part of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030), Ocean Literacy is essential to advance sustainable production practices and promote a more responsible citizenry.

Within this framework, Rosa Rodriguez and Veronica Ortiz, from the SOCIB RRI, Communication and Ocean Literacy Service, as member of the EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Network, have shared through event website and with the international Ocean Literacy community, more than 30 educational resources, which now can be known and used by all interested target audiences.

On the other hand, Joaquín Tintoré will participate at the CSIC webinar "World Ocean Day" at 12am, where the main challenges of ocean research for the next decades, the leadership of the CSIC, the necessary resources and the expected impact on society will be presented. And this time, Joaquín Tintoré and Jordi Sorribas are responsible for presenting the first challenge, which addresses the need for sustained and integrated ocean observation as a requirement for understanding the state and variability of the oceans and their role in regulating climate, the health ocean and operational response. In a round table format, 20 researchers who have developed the Oceans chapter of the CSIC White Paper Scientific Challenges 2050 and some of the coordinators of the related Interdisciplinary Thematic Platforms (PTI-WaterIOS, PTI Remote Sensing, PTI Sustainable Fisheries, PTI CSIC Polar) will participate.

Finally, Joaquín Tintoré will take part in the online round table "The Oceans Health" at 6:30pm, organized by Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication of the UPF Barcelona School of Management. The discussion will address issues such as: Are marine ecosystems at risk? What is the current state of the oceans? They will also participate in the event: Mónica Montory, researcher at the University of Concepción (Chile); Rosa M. Tristán, journalist specializing in the environment and Josep Maria Gili, research professor at ICM-CSIC.