Dashboard for visualizing CMEMS In Situ products promoted to Advanced Tool

The dashboard application for the in situ data available within the Copernicus Marine Service was finally integrated into their Pretty Viewer as Advanced Tool. This dashboard has been developed by SOCIB, Puertos del Estado (PdE) and the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR) after more than three years of continuous improvement and implementation. The development of this tool is part of the CMEMS In Situ TAC roadmap for user engagement, which also includes the maintenance of a dedicated website, the computation of key performance indicators and the training end-users on specific ad-hoc practical sessions during the training workshops (around 7 workshops per year).

The CMEMS In Situ TAC is a key component of the Copernicus Marine Service that focus on delivering quality checked and standardized in situ observations reported by a wide range of platforms (gliders, drifters, oceanographic buoys...) all over the world (Global, Iberia-Biscay-Ireland, Mediterranean, Baltic, Arctic, North-West-Shelf and Black Sea) to establish and understand ocean state and variability from the open ocean to the coastal areas. These in situ data also enhance ocean prediction since these data are essential for ocean models validation and assimilation. Other SOCIB contributions to CMEMS In Situ TAC include: operational delivery of multiplatform near real time observations, support in the activities dedicated to HF radar data integration, data trends analysis in the frame of the Ocean State Report and System Evolution profiling as well as scientific advice.