SOCIB joins the EMODnet Open Conference 2021

From 14 to 16 June 2021, the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) actively participated in the EMODnet Open Conference 2021 aimed at connecting EMODnet partners, data providers, and users, and to look ahead to 2030 and beyond. The two-day conference provided a unique opportunity to recognize and further develop existing and emerging partnerships, prompting the exchange of experiences and the appreciation of the value of EMODnet data, data products, and services. As part of the programme, SOCIB’s director Joaquín Tintoré took part in the panel discussion “EMODnet for Users Forward Look” framed in the “Session 2: EMODnet for Users: From open data to societal applications” held on 14 June.

SOCIB joins the EMODnet Open Conference 2021

Although in Europe a lot of marine data and observations are available, this information is often fragmented and is not yet being used optimally. EMODnet, the European Marine Observation and Data Network, aims to make all this data accessible for use by governments, scientists, and maritime companies. “The EMODnet process stands up as a crucial element in SOCIB’s strategy and in the development of SOCIB’s products. Of particular relevance is the free and open data availability as well as the initial structure in seven thematic portals that have shown each one of them the relevance for different sectors and end-users,” as explained by Tintoré during his intervention. “The forthcoming planned integration between the portals is also seen as a very positive step forward that will facilitate access and enhance the visibility of EMODnet as a whole,” he added.

As specific examples of EMODnet products used at SOCIB, Tintoré highlighted the EMODnet multi-disciplinary capabilities and the open and free data that allow the use of EMODnet data and the integration of EMODnet products into the Ocean Data Value Chain, “very clearly generating sound added value,” he stressed. For example, the EMODnet Bathymetry Web Map Service is used at SOCIB in the Deployment App, among others, an operational and scientific sector-oriented application used for piloting and optimizing or modifying the course of SOCIB autonomous ocean platforms in case of risks or opportunities. This App has recently been featured as an EMODNet-CMEMS Use Case.

Finally, Tintoré remarked its added value links to key European and international initiatives such as the European Coastal Observing infrastructure JERICO-RI or CoastPredict, the international coastal ocean programme recently endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade.

The EMODnet Open Conference was co-organised by the EMODnet secretariat, DG MARE and VLIZ.