SOCIB fosters the use of Copernicus Marine Data taking part in the #MarineData4Africa event

The Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System (SOCIB) has recently participated in the training workshop “Let’s go further with the Copernicus Marine Data” organised by the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) in the frame of the #MarineData4Africa event to foster the use of Copernicus Marine Data and engage with the marine communities in Africa. From December 7 to 8, Paz Rotllan, CMEMS expert at SOCIB, has held a presentation of CMEMS global in situ observation products and a Jupyter Notebook demonstration on the use of CMEMS in situ products. Furthermore, Rotllan has assisted attendees and participated in the training Q&A sessions.

After two successful international events in Asia and America, the #MarineData4Africa event has catered to users of ocean and coastal data working in Africa. Through this event, the Copernicus Marine Service has engaged with the marine communities in Africa, and shared its global ocean data products and knowledge that can be used to support sustainable blue economies and ocean conservation in Africa. The 2-day workshop has gathered scientists, including SOCIB members, industry communities and the policymakers and the general public working on the Africa continent.

On December 7, CMEMS data experts and producers have introduced the global products provided by the Copernicus Marine Service, including in situ and satellite observation products, and model products. On December 8, they have held a demonstration session dedicated to beginners who want to take their first steps with a new environment like a JupyterLab or with new tools like GIS tool, Panoply or SNAP, etc.

About the Copernicus Marine Service

The Copernicus Marine Service provides free, open, regular and systematic reference information on the blue (physical), white (sea ice), and green (biogeochemical) ocean state, variability and dynamics across the global ocean and European regional seas.

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