WMOP forecasting system

Development of science based ocean forecasting systems at global, regional, sub-regional and local scales can support better management of the marine environment. In this context, WMOP (Western Mediterranean sea Operational system) is the forecasting subsystem component of SOCIB, the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System within the framework of MyOcean project. The WMOP system is operational since the end of 2010. Validation procedures based on inter-comparison of model outputs against observations are being used to assess at what level the numerical models are able to reproduce the features observed from in-situ systems or remote sensing. These hindcast/forecasts combined with the use of satellite and SOCIB ocean based measuring systems will provide information on coastal and ocean currents and eddies, surface and subsurface ocean properties, and waves that impact and are linked to maritime and commercial operations, safety-at-sea, ecological sustainability, regional and global climate.

Figure 1: Domain configuration

Model configuration

  • ROMS (www.myroms.org, Shchepetkin and McWilliams, 2005)

  • Extending from Gibraltar strait to Corsica/Sardinia (6ºW-9ºE, 35ºN-44.5ºN, see Figure 1)

  • Bottom topography from 30" database (Smith and Sandwell, 1997)

  • Spatial resolution ~1.5-2km

  • Boundary conditions from MFS (www.myocean.eu, Tonani et al., 2012)

  • Forced by AEMET Hirlam atmospheric forcing , 3hours, 5-6km

  • 32 sigma levels

  • Rivers runoff of Rhône and Ebro from a climatology based on the RivDis (UNESCO) database.

  • Once a week, the model is initialized 3 weeks before from the MFS fields and then spin up 3 weeks to have a new ROMS restart.


Figure 2: Forecasting way