SOCIB Data Management


Since 2018, SOCIB is an Associate Data Unit (ADU) of the IOC/IODE framework (Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission/International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange) that provides guidelines to SOCIB Data Management, based on the Data Management Maturity model (CMMI Institute) to build, improve and measure its data management capability. It is organized into five categories: Data Management Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Operations, and Platforms & Architecture.

Our Data Repository has been certified as a trustworthy data repository by the CoreTrustSeal Standards and Certification Board.

Ethics and confidentiality

The SOCIB Data Repository follows an Open Data policy but sometimes due to confidentiality or special treatment of the data, the Principal Investigators can limit it. Under these circumstances, SOCIB follows the Ethics in Research Criteria at CSIC that focuses on the interest in the moral perspective of research activity considering its ethical aspects, nature, and ends (respect for the dignity of human beings, their autonomy of will, data protection – privacy and confidentiality – animal well-being and environmental preservation). In this sense, some datasets might be therefore not published, anonymized, or need the authorisation to access. Reasons for restricting access to a given dataset are described in the Terms of Use. The SOCIB Data Repository follows the ethical key points related to ocean observing and animals oceanographers according to Barbier et al, 2018 and McMahon Clive R et al, 2021 respectively.